You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


Not yet, but all her recipes will eventually be passed down to me :slight_smile:


Sorry for being a sexist pig: the shortest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. :smile:

Learn those recipes ASAP.


There’s nobody I’m trying to impress :slight_smile:


I do have a thing for sweet and sour pork…



There’s not a lot of good cantonese curry in this area. I had the curry chicken at Baby Cafe in Union City and it was pretty good. But I liked their 手撕雞 the most.


That exactly @harriet type… and she claimed she isn’t into white men… :rofl:


How do you know who’s my type? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Thank goodness I don’t like Jackie Chan’s movies, otherwise you guys’d say he’s my type :face_vomiting:


Yeah, not into the meek, comedic Jackie Chan movies either. Either the old school martial arts ones or the most recent one (The Foreigner) wasn’t too bad. Hopefully the upcoming IP Man 4 with Jackie fighting Donny will be semi decent…


Then would you mind clarifying… :rofl:


You guys ask for too much info. Definitely up to no good trying to get me into trouble :unamused:


Banana island mentioned inside is only so-so. Their roti’s are alright though.


Anyone been to Shiok? 3.5 stars, sounds legit.


The chicken rice picture doesn’t look too good…rice seems bland.


I have given up on chicken rice in Bay Area. Nobody makes good HCR.


Roaming in Richmond and Vancouver now. Highly disappointed with what I have read about them. Beautiful :-1: Chinese food :-1:


Canada is overrated. Not good enough to even shine America’s shoe.


Vancouver chinese food disappoints? Really? I thought they have the best in North America? Maybe because they are mostly Cantonese cuisine?


Tried 2 dim sum restaurants that are highly rated by yelp and very crowded, need reservations, quality not as good as Lei Garden. Tried a few Japanese restaurants, quality not close to those in Cupertino.


Which ones


Kirin and teowchew ( can’t remember name)