You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


That’s your biggest mistake right there. Didn’t you read my yelp theory?


But Lei Garden is not that good though, can’t believe you use that as a benchmark…

I haven’t been to Vancouver in ages…so can’t help you. If you visit Toronto though I can recommend a few good ones. If @myo is still around maybe he can help.


@hanera is hokkien? Tastes a little different from Cantonese.


You wouldn’t survive one day or one week without Yelp…


Saigon in Sunnyvale? Their hainan chicken is pretty good!


Canadians don’t use yelp.


Fisherman terrace is ok, eating now


Why didn’t you clarify your background? Manch thinks you are hokkien.


Aren’t most SG Chinese hokkien?


Assumed too much. Most Americans are also white.


Manch has bad memory. Mentioned here at least twice that my dad ran from Guan dong after the communists defeated the nationalists. Being a big landlord, my grand father suffered the same fate as Harriet’s grandpa. All our land is confiscated. I won’t hold grudges. Revolution see blood and change order in society.


Yoda is so selfless that I am going to :cry:. Trump should take away his AAPL shares, Cupertino, and Austin houses in order to make America great again.


Is there a revolution in USA now?


Do you speak Hokkien or Hakka? Someone said there are still many SG Chinese who don’t speak English, especially the taxi drivers.


Is Canada a real country???



All can understand and speak short English phrases.
In fact, almost everyone know how to converse in different languages (English, Chinese, Tamil, Malay) and dialects (Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese) that are necessary for simple transactions and greetings.


The only revolution is inside @harriet’s head… :rofl:


Oh really? My brain is too tiny to host any action according to slipper king.


Even when someone is doing a review on a different restaurant they have to refer to the “world famous” San Tung chicken wings…


It’s a small world for some people I guess.