You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


That is some CSI: Chinatown Division sheet right there…



Tldr. Where are those authentic shops?


It is a general story that is good for folks who want to learn more about how chinese food evolved on these shores. Awhile ago, I posted a Chronicle article that provided some detail on the various kinds of Chinese food and where to find them locally. Let me find that…


Another Cheung Hing opens up…


Saw someone recommends this restaurant on FB. Looked up on yelp and wow my favorite 3.5 stars! Looks legit. Anyone tried?

Du Xiao Yue 度小月 in Fremont. Any relation to the famous one in Taiwan?


Rarely venture to the east bay for food…ask me again after I move there…

Went to a new’ish dim sum place called HL Peninsula in SSF; pricing is similar to DB and the food is okay (just don’t order their fried stuff). If you do go I recommend the following:



Isn’t the one @dioworld said it’s crap?


I think he went for dinner, dinner at most Chinese restaurants sucks.


Now, I was talking to someone who lives in Los Altos and is AA and she said that the place is not that good or worth going to. Saves me a trip…


Uh, no hot pot for me for awhile…


I have never understood the appeal of hot pot. Boiled meat is disgusting. Plus why pay to cook your own food?


I know people who eat hot pot every week. The meat is extremely thinly sliced and you dip the cooked meat in a variety of sauce. The whole point is freshness. If the food is fresh you don’t need to cook it fancy.

Ask our in house hot pot queen @harriet.


I like my meat grilled medium rare. Boiled meat is gross. Plus any seasoning is washed off. Boiled prawns are edible but better grilled


i like sesame sauce. In fact, i think i eat the meat to eat sesame haha.
shabuway in mtv is good, but i havent been to many other hot pots.


Hot pots are big businesses in China. Big hot pot chains are listed on stock exchanges.

I am not huge hot pot person myself. I like Fashion Wok in Foster City. It’s personal hot pot. For the regular big size hot pot, Little Lamb is a big chain. The recently opened Haidilao in Cupertino always has long lines. I don’t know whether it’s good. Go check Yelp to see if it has 3.5 stars.


Real quality meat doesn’t need any seasoning. Go get a Kaiseki dinner at a hot spring resort in Japan. Had A3 wagyu (not even top grade A5) in a shabu and it was da bomb.

The best hot pot is the kind you have at home. I only eat hot pot outside for the venue to hang out with friends, not for the food.


So you have the best hot pot and the best curry beef briskets at home? Maybe invite us next time. :smile:


High quality meat should be eaten raw or grilled rare. Boiling is a sin.


Steak tartare :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

I like hot pot with lots of seafood, your favorite :smile: