You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


This is how I cook a perfect steak. Rare if high quality meat.


I don’t dislike seafood. I am just not crazy about it. Now can I have my Chinese card back please??


Haidilao is good… you have to get the @tomato soup base (seriously)…


Went to the Cupertino Haidilao at least 6 times, may be 10 times, lost count.

Not expensive. Cheaper than 1 AMZN, in fact cheaper than 1 AAPL or 1 FB. Should be cheaper than 1 AMD per person.


One time I had Haidilao in Shanghai…I gave the waitress a 20% tip for her excellent service and she was so happy that she gave me a few :tomato: soup base packs to take home…


I WANT TO BUY IT!!! I just searched online for it. Does it look like this:

or is this fake 翻版


Hmm it doesn’t look familiar, but the packaging might have changed since that trip was more than two years ago. I remember those packages were sitting in my kitchen cabinet for the longest time and I ended up throwing them away because they expired lol…I don’t really like tomato soup base…I prefer the spicy flavor.

They sell them at Ranch 99 now:


Ranch 99 has online shop?? I did not know that!!

on the topic of Ranch… I see that you call it Ranch 99 (I do the same)… I read this article the other day:


Haha…I think the official name is 99 Ranch but I still like to say it backwards :stuck_out_tongue:

Never buy groceries online. They tend to give you food that is about to rot or expire. My friend bought milk from Amazon or Instacart to find that it was set to expire the day after.


Haidilao is having an IPO in Hong Kong. All you fans should go buy some shares. :smile:

I was turned away by the crazy long lines a few weeks after they opened. Do they still have long lines?


I like Haidilao mostly for their service. In mainland you don’t have to give them tips and they still treat you like royalty. Here? They might still be unsatisfied after receiving a 20% tip.


I think they still have long lines. Best to go during weekdays or around 5/5:30pm


Sell AMZN. Now.


Any decent restaurants have long lines during lunch and dinner, and weekends.
Hardly any people if you go before 5 pm :slight_smile: during weekdays.


Truly good food is worth dying for. The pizza joint wasn’t mentioned. But it must have been killer good.


I already posted about this :expressionless:


Man, after a day of looking at cars all day (sorry, @dioworld, will hit your open house next weekend if I have time) without lunch we head to San Tung to treat ourselves some tasty chicken wings. We figured FIVE THIRTY should be ok…

Un, no…

How about approx THIRTY EIGHT parties ahead of us???

Needless to say, we missed the movie (to wait and eat there)…


wow… that’s a lot of ppl
last time i gave up too trying to eat there


Dude, how was Open House Weekend 1???


bad weather… yesterday i heard there’s 21 parties, is that good or bad?
today i almost watch the 9ers lost the game… jimmy looks conservative, maybe the playbook too much for him, i can see him think more instead reacting out of instinct, hopefully when he fully master the playbook, he’ll do better