You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


Ok, next week’s game is at KC, so Sunday morning sooooo, your open house should be decently attended.


if we play like this next week, we’re going to get blown out, hopefully foster/goodwin comes back next week will make a big difference


Did you hear, Josh Gordon, the head case from Cleveland wants to come here…


it’ll be bad, i walk to the stadium. i smell a lot of weed. if gordon joins, he’ll be immediate suspension



Sounds like we need to have meet ups there.


What if the nail drops into the soup? Yuck!


Or, toe jam gets into the food…gross


China? Meet in Cupertino first. Harriet hasn’t said when and you’ve haven’t said what is the bet?
AAPL to $2T?
AMZN to $2T?
FB to $1T?
SQ to $1T?
TSLA to $0 :smiling_imp:
Your family’s net worth to $10M :+1:


No need to always have bets. Too competitive, not the Chinese way according to Jack Ma. We can have a friendly meal and BS.


I’m a gambler :blush:

That mean on Dutch. A haidilao meal (including 18/20/22% tip) is about $30-$40 per person, twice that of dim sum :grinning:


If FB behaves I can afford the $40. :smile:


That’s because you guys kept ghosting me :unamused:


Err… when did we ghost you?




Well that’s ignoring you not ghosting. :smile:

That meetup still hasn’t happened yet. I am not sure if @wuqijun has come back yet.


Wait a second. I looked back at that thread you were supposed to set it up?


Will be back next Monday but my car broke down before I left :sob:


Finally time to buy a Tesla? :smile:


Not yet!!! :rofl: