You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


Why not? It’s just money.


Wife just picked up another Honda since it fits her needs.


Um… I thought Honda was supposed to be durable… :thinking:


Well, her former 2008 model was truly a dud and a one off for Honda. We are willing to give Honda one more chance with a lease for the first time. By the time the lease ends, we should be in our new home where wifey can buy something really nice and put it in the garage or at least safely on the driveway.


Yoda bullied me into it :angry:

I thought your car was brand new?


No… second hand.


I bought my CRV brand new in 2005. 200k miles and 13 years later still runs great. Won’t buy another car unless it drives itself.


Did you have any problems with the exterior paint? Very common problem with recent Hondas. The clear coat either wasn’t good enough or something…


No problem at all.


Park inside or outside?


Outside all the time.


Ok, you were lucky or had a model where that was not an issue. I am a big Honda guy, but my wife’s was not too good. Paint issues, the stupid driver visor always fell down…


Cars parked in the outer Sunset district will rust


Shoot or houses… I am about 16 blocks from water and my home has shown small rust spots…


I always win…


Man, there’s money to be made in fried rice…


went to this one this weekend

overall decent for the cheap price, not much choice on seafood and fish is so so(i don’t think they give me a fresh fish), the chicken meat wise is not bad, but not much chicken taste.
but their 鹹酸菜(salty sour vege flavor stuff ) is decent


My wife thought this place was pretty good except for the service. While I get it, she said they really didn’t want you to order more after the initial order taken. I guess the place is small and can get crowded. If you go by our Fearless Leader’s criteria, this should be the bomb then (3.5 stars)…


3.5 is perfect…
who cares services…


Yeah, but if I happen to want another dish of something, I should be able to order it without much fuss, no? Come on, even San Tung with its massive hordes of people salivating for your table will allow you to order more…