You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


use china method, hand the waiter a $5 bill, and you’ll get anything you want =)
that’s how my inlaws always get table in HK drink tea…


Come on, I’m cheap…(but will tip accordingly, never below 15% even if poor service).


then you’re not cheap… 10% dude


Why would you order fish eating out in the first place…buy it live in Chinatown and steam it yourself. Much better for the value and you can cook it to perfection.

I give 0-5% for extremely poor service. One time the waitress ignored me completely and only served her regulars at a Chinese restaurant. I think the bill came out to be $38 or something and I just dropped $40 and left. The waitress chased me out to the door asking me for more tips. I told her you have the nerve to ask me for more tips? 妳檢討下啦!


You dare to share this story :sweat_smile:


Not harsh enough. One time when the waiters disserviced me, I only paid $.10 tip, out of a bill for $99.90. I made it a $100 even.


Did they chase you out to the door? Somebody needs to teach them a lesson, and I don’t mind being that person.


No, but they retaliated by not charging the extra 10 cents so the final bill turns out to be 99.90 still :rofl:


So what is the typical tip you guys do at chinese restaurants? I’ve been doing 10% for normal service. Up to 15% if I felt service was significantly better than regular chinese restaurant.


Normally 10-18% depending on the type of service they provide. I don’t mind giving more if they deserve it.


Those waiters are lowly paid, tips are pooled together and divided equally amongst all waiters. So tips are in fact part of the pay.


Obviously I don’t know anything about you @n4s but 10% tipping for normal service at a Chinese restaurant is what my Mom’s generation of SF Chinatown/Toisanese folks used to or still do think as “acceptable.” I personally disagree and think it is a tad low (for normal service) but as always YMMV to a certain degree…


i paid 10-18% depends on how much change i got.
in HK/China i paid 0%


How about non-Chinese restaurants?
Tip rates have gone up.
15% - Below
18% - Expected
20% - Above

You don’t like their services or are already formalized as service chargeS like in Singapore?


I thought it was common to pay 10% at chinese restaurants. All my friends do that as well and we are definitely not your Mom’s generation (and possibly not yours as well?).


So? They need to earn it. Them getting poorly compensated is not my problem if they are being jerks to their customers.


you don’t pay tip over in those area most of the time, maybe dinner you can give like 20-50(hkd), they just don’t expect it like here.


Okay @dioworld you are being a bit cheap…I pay some tips at restaurants in HK (<=10% mind you, unless they add a 10% service charge themselves), except if it’s a fast food joint. Sometimes they give me 功夫茶 or some kind of dessert in return.


you are a foreigner…that’s why.
yes, i’m cheap haha