You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


next time they see you. they know you’re not local, will rip you off.


I pay less tips in American restaurants than in Chinese. I take it upon myself to correct this sick trend of paying our own people less. :smile:


uncle manch is rich…

but normally the chinese restaurants are dirtier and service(well you know)


American waiters don’t need to do as much as in Chinese restaurants. Think about it. I tip in proportion to how much work they need to do.


Yeah, I guess 10% at a Chinese place is common. Dang, I could have bought another house with the excess tipping all these years…:grinning:


i know what they do. lot of my friends work in chinese restaurant before when back in high school days
lot of nasty things you don’t want to know


That’s where your chicken taste comes from. :smile:




Yet, you still eat out???


of course, i eat dirtier food when i was a kid in hk on street. we’re immune…


I went to eat at my beloved east lake restaurant on Sunday. Their chicken porridge doesn’t have the chicken taste anymore. Food not as good after they changed owners. Sad. :cry:

Now their yelp stars can go up.


ABC from noriega is about to open again. saw the hiring signs.i think almost ready soon,


The last meal I had at abc is truly horrible. It’s shocking how bad it was. I have banned it for life.


the last year and a half i think they planning to go out of business, basically you can tell they don’t give a shit no more.


Ok, obviously was not a cash cow like San Tung. Think about it, if you are making fists of dollars doling out cheap chinese food are you selling??? Uh, no, is the answer…


A HK chain or owner is opening in place of ABC. Wife told me the name, but what do I know. Oh, that place up and across from ABC (Hangout) is apparently getting some business.


San tung food is nothing special. Don’t need much skill to fry chicken wings. You won’t be able to tell if they changed cooks.

East lake’s previous owners were old. They didn’t want to die working. They both were cooks and worked inside the kitchen.


It’s not our people or their people, but American restaurants that provide better service than the Chinese ones will get better tip.


I feel like Chinese food is not getting the right respect from the Chinese. They may feel they are obligated to tip more in an Italian restaurant, for example. They still feel deep inside white people mean higher class and they should therefore tip more, but their meals already are priced higher to begin with.


What, no rug rats to hand over the Gold Mine to? Or, did they laugh and say to their parents, uh I make that much in a month, Mom?