You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


I rarely order live seafood when eating out so not a lot of chances for them to rip me off. If you want seafood, cook it at home to guarantee its freshness.


Let’s face it. Some Chinese restaurants perpetuate the stererotype themselves by providing lousy services and trying to be cheap by refusing to accept credit card payments. I would never dine at a restaurant that refuses credit card payments, unless no choice.


Really? Then you are missing out on lots of great food.

We went to this one last night and food was not bad. Cash only.


See what I mean… cheap food can only result in cheap tip.


you got million buck in your bank, every food to you is cheap :grinning:


That’s right. It certainly helps to have money so you can stop being stingy when writing down that tip amount.


i’ll serve you a bowl of rice, give me 10k tip please :grin:


Do you have 10k worth of gold nuggets in that bowl?


you want gold
here you go


I’ll give you a couple pennies worth of tip for that…


that’s stingy.


Already way too generous. A cheapskate like you not only wouldn’t give tip, but also tries to swindle money.


i give tip here. just not in HK/China. Each country has their own culture.


Locals in HK tip too at restaurants too (not fast food). Usually they let the waiters to keep the change if paying cash. Most automatically add 10% to your check.


those are called 加一 , you can pay tip seperate.
it’s not really tip since the waiter doesn’t get those.


They don’t get them? Why is it called service charge then? That makes no sense.


This is the one I went to last night that’s cash only. Any similar Taiwanese porridge spots in Peninsula or SF? I used to eat at their Milpitas spot. This Cupertino one is new to me.

Food is quite good.


But, but, Yelp has them as 4 stars…


I can let that 4-star pass because it’s Cupertino and I heard nothing but Mandarin in the restaurant last night. So maybe most reviewers were like me fresh off the boat.


Sorry, no Cantonese :slight_smile: Mandarin or Hokkien (aka Fujian)