You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


Look, just admit it, FINALLY, that the Yelp stars rating is not perfect (which I totally admit to) but is fairly indicative once you get a decent enough sampling. Yes, I will admit there is some embellishment going on but generally speaking the system works. I don’t expect everyone to agree on every rating or review. It is nevertheless a useful guide… especially when you are hungry in no man’s land…

Besides, Yelp is no longer mine for my company…


I’m a brave man and i tested this POS, AVOID at all cost.
went to this old cafe mario now became dumpling era in san bruno

xiaolon bao/dumpling, the skin is so thick and there’s basically no meat inside, you’ll be like eating flour into your mouth.
Noodles: No taste at all.
It will go out of business in 6 months. mark it


WTF are those rainbow color XLB?


didn’t try those here, but dragon beaux has those, even at dragon beaux it’s not that good, the original is better.

anyway AVOID at all cost, frozen XLB/dumpling from 味全 at ranch 99 taste a lot better.
I guess if you’re a muslim and want to eat pork it’s okay since you won’t be eating any pork. 70% flour,28% vege, remaining 2 unknown
Noodle has no taste at all.


Ok bro. Blacklisted.


Aaaah, the curse of the 3.5 stars…

Hey, Mr Deep Pockets, eat a little better, will ya???:grinning:


food is food, not about expensive or not, it’s about taste
went to costco and it’s nearby and new. so tried it , i’m so brave


I totally agree with this — not enough respect because of culturally self-inflicted esteem issues.

This is why I admire George Chen’s venture in China Live and Brandon Jew’s venture in Mr. Jiu. They are both trying to change the narrative.


Well, there’s always the Vietnamese…


Dang @dioworld, you practically gave the same review on Yelp (btw why did you write a review on Burger King!?). You know it’s bad news when the site has <20 reviews and it’s not 4+ stars. They didn’t even bother asking for help from friends and family.


It used to be four stars and he dragged it down. Give it time I am sure its stars will rise.


i remember i was off a flight on late night or something, but it was late and pretty much the only option is burger king nearby. Man it was the worse burger ever, meat is like paper thin and the meat is dry as hell, i should just eat instant noodle at home

The ones i like i rarely post on yelp, most of the time when you pissed off you write something haha
Here’s another review for today
Today after groceries at sunset, notice the OLD ABC is back alive, so as brave as i am, i’m giving it a try

Service: pretty bad, very unorganize, basically no service or worse, when your food arrive, they don’t give you fork/spoon, you ask them about it. 5 minutes gone by, no one remember, then you go out and ask them. they went into marshall mode, like finding treasures. all their fork/spoon/knifes are all mixed up pile up . so they have to dig hard to find me a fork and a knife(this is the rare one). I appreciate all the digging from the waiter , I even grab some napkin for my neighbor table since he’s been asking for like 10 minutes and everyone is ignoring him

food: hard to judge, all the stuff i tried to order they say is not available, so pretty much limited to noodle. my wife order the onion porkchop, suprisingly pretty good. baked pork chop too bad was not available.

I’ll go back again maybe in a month or two wait until they settle now, they’re pretty much not ready for business yet.


Have you tried Venus Cafe on Clement? I heard it’s the American branch of Café de Coral but I don’t think it’s true. Drove by your Dumpling Era place about 30 minutes ago and it looked pretty empty inside. Might not have to wait six months for it to go out of business.


But the Yelp Elites liked it?


it uses the name of cafe de coral, from the operations style i don’t think it’s the same
I tried it on the opening week , i think overall okay, not great, not bad…


Hard times hit China Live - it’s showing up on TravelZoo:


Dinner reservations seemed to be full — try to make a reservation at 7PM any time in the next two weeks and its nearly impossible …

But lunch seems to be wide open. I guess they are trying to drum up more lunch business.



Avoid The Kitchen from now on! We weren’t attending that party but were in the restaurant with family. My wifey got sick and I got a slight case of the stomach flu days later. Never happens with San Tung…



Stomach flu doesn’t exist. It was probably Norovirus