You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?



All Chinese. Oh man, hope Facebook translate is good. :grimacing:


I’m in this group as well. more like a lot of idiot showoff expensive food group.
to those ppl expensive = good


I don’t get the impression that FB group is into expensive food. They sure are crazy for Japanese ramen though.


Okay credibility instantly went way down. Sounds like those pretending to be the cool kids and dine out just to post picture perfect food on the gram.

Went to Ippudo recently and the ramen sucked. Noodle texture was really bad. How can people pay $20 to eat this? 出前一丁 tastes better.


My FB group said that Ippudo is the fake one?

Pretty much every HK millennial is crazy for ramen, especially women. Are you going to write them all off? :scream:

I am grasping at straws here man. Solid simple Chinese food is so darn hard to find here I am all ears. At least that group is more legit than Yelp which is a nonstop embarrassment.


A) Japanese 拉麵, sorry, I mean “ramen” is a big fad now. All those restaurants buy their exquisitely textured noodle from Sun Noodle of Hawaii … even David Chang’s Momofuku. Buy Sun Noodle from the grocery store for $4.69 / 2pcs at Nijiya or $3.99 / 2 pcs at Sunset Super. Make your own soup and egg and 叉燒, excuse me, I mean “chashu.”

B) I think 公仔麵 beef flavor in the gold package gives 出前一丁 a run for its money.

C) But Paldo Korean “Gomtang” 牛骨湯面 is even better.

D) Regardless, I am hopelessly addicted to Indomie Mi Goreng, which at $0.39 per pack at Pacific Supermarket, fits my budget better.


Japanese ramen is a joke - fatty chashu that clots your blood and the broth is so oily I don’t understand how people can drink those.


I know, I’ve given up temporarily. We do not have enough critical mass of red Toyota Crown taxi drivers to have good noodle soup around.

For a no frills good basics place, I like Sasa Kitchen, 10350 San Pablo Ave, El Cerrito, CA 94530.

This dish is good here :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh! I’m not the only one!! I realized that all those ramen oily broths just give me GI discomfort, so I stopped with the ramen.


I call those chashu “fake char siu”
Shabu shabu “fake hot pot” :slight_smile:


I love 今麦郎 pork flavor


Where is this made? Please oh please don’t say where I think it is made…


El Cerrito is a bit far… :cry:


Most of the Japanese meat are unhealthy :slight_smile: because they are always very fatty. Those fat marble are killing me.


Do you like the ramen in Japan?


yes, it’s made in china, however, i was first tried that in HK, so it passed all the neccessary test, and it’s able to import to US.


I’m not sure “like” is the word. It’s certainly more edible than the ones here that’s for sure. Noodle texture is slightly better over there.


Happy Lunar New Year!

Share some food pictures!


Maybe the restaurant was in trouble. Insurance claim here it comes: