You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


Some idiot construction crews severed the gas line. What’s wrong with all these people? :man_facepalming:


Do you honestly believe that? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Here’s the backhoe that started everything:


By the way how good is that restaurant?


HKL II Restaurant is a solid 7.5/10. I liked it.

They have (had?) a good business going making quality food accessible to gweilos in smaller portions. All their waitstaff are (were?) equally proficient in Cantonese as well as English.

Not as good as Dragon Beaux, but better than HK Lounge further down on Geary. And is (was?) much cleaner and much more pleasant.


The news reports say that the fiber optic crew working on the street severed a gas line. If you look at the pictures, you can see the crew’s backhoe was engulfed in flames.


Is that Sonic? Maybe it will go BK after this.


I don’t like HKL II. It was very obvious that they catered to foreigners only and the vibe didn’t feel right to me. I used to go to HKL I a lot when it first opened but the food went down hill and I haven’t gone back since.


Oh! Last time I went to HKL2, about 2 yrs ago, I thought it was 50/50 canto speakers / gweilos. I didn’t know that their focus had shifted to mostly gweilos.


This is why they are bad news. If you go to a Chinese restaurant and you see at least half of the customers are non-Chinese people in an Asian neighborhood, run, don’t walk.


I understand the sentiment you are expressing… almost a revulsion for a kind of restaurant that in parallel practices self loathing and yet prostitutes its own culture out for gain.

Yet I admire those restaurants who are genuinely trying to push culinary boundaries forward - not out of self loathing but out of a different identity of self. Brandin Jew and Mr. Jiu’s comes to mind. Any thoughts on that?


Someone worked in my company coming from apple state few years ago to main campus.
He told me Panda Express is the best chinese food ever. After i heard that, I’m silent and got nothing to say…


Should have asked if he’s a Yelper.

Never tried those.


I never ever thought about eating at this place. Always assumed it’s POS.


Speaking of dim sum place this one in HK looks absolutely stunning.


Holy Moly, they are getting recipes from Koi Palace? I would have thought this place is a POS, but I guess not? Also, I put the name “Jaynry” up there with my list of “most awkward HK-ized Western names ever.” :slight_smile:



Good! The pursits will cry foul, but this is exactly the kind of forward thinking that Chinatown needs to break out of the funk that keeps it trapped in 1940s HK.

Its a similar battle cry that silicon valley is so fond of using when holding up tesla to conventional automakers or holding up uber/lyft to taxis … evolve or die.

Only this is a neighborhood (not an industry) with cultural connotations… but still - evolve or die still applies. It aint’t 1940 anymore…



Went to this new restaurant for dim sum this afternoon. Overall food is not bad. Ignore the haters on Yelp. It overlooks the bay so scenery is top notch.

Somewhat RE related: my next table was signing contrast buying a house.