You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


i went to dinner to this one, it’s great but a pricey


My dim sum bill was about 20% more than usual. It’s not too bad given the food and the environment.

I am surprised people hate it so much on Yelp. Jus to show how useless Yelp is for real Chinese food.


5 ppl dinner, $280 w/ tips
what i heard rumors is they bring in cook from china/hk. maybe bad reviews on those days they have local cook instead of real cook???


Hey big spender! :smile:


if depends on luck, i don’t think it’s worth it
yelp review some say really bad, maybe i got lucky that night


The latest Japanese fad.


Read this story long ago.


The first Gram Cafe opened in Osaka in 2014. Now, there are more than 60 across Japan, Thailand and Hong Kong, with locations planned for Singapore, Indonesia and Australia.

So SF has Japanese pancakes ahead of Singapore. SG calls itself international city? :-1:

At Stonestown, diners will need to line up for tickets to access those coveted souffle pancakes ($16 for three). Only 30 orders will be available at three times per day: 11 a.m., 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.

“It’s not a gimmick,” Wong said. “It’s not like we want people to stand in line. It has to be precise, delicate, labor intensive.”

No, it’s a gimmick.


I wouldn’t stand in line even if it’s free, let alone $16. Craziness.

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@manch @harriet

It Might be easier if you two just give out a few recommendations in the City, Penisula, South Bay and East Bay since you guys tend to not like or are disappointed with many places.


I actually want to try the pancakes. But will I stand in line for 2 hours? Hell no.


Scratch 2 hours wait time. People are lining up for 3 HOURS!!! :scream: