You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?

I’ll have to try this. I’m surprised it was better than your previous champ, HL Peninsula. I was actually turned off HL Peninsula in SSF when they put wonder bread below the roast sucking pig I had. :man_facepalming:

I’ve only tried HL Peninsula Pearl. That’s the one in Burlingame, not SSF. They are still quite good.


I see the son in my gym everytime I go…

How Uber makes staffing a 22-year-old Islamic Chinese restaurant in SF incredibly challenging

Like most Chinese restaurants that opened in the ‘90s, they also offer a menu of typical Americanized dishes like sweet and sour chicken, but gracefully steer customers towards the more adventurous dishes (ask for the off-menu lamb testicles and penis, if you’re feeling brave).

This San Tung news reminds me of an old timer on this forum:

@hanera Recommend Killiney Kopitiam?

Didn’t eat at Killiney Kopitiam. However, the two pictures are staple Singaporean breakfast and lunch :slight_smile: Now I am home sick.


Should not have left Bay Area. What’s the point of having money but living a miserable life in Texas?


Around year 2000-2005, there used to be a Malaysian/Singaporean restaurant on Moffet (or Castro) between El Camino and Middlefield. My director used to take us almost every other week on group lunches. Do not remember the names of the dishes but was good food. Never found a good fusion restaurant after it. Back in late 1990’s there was a place called Rasa Sayan in Berkeley. Do not know if it is still around.

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A viral guide to eating Asian food was totally wrong, and here’s why (

You don’t need no effing guide. Use this guy’s method. Click link to watch video.

Basically only go to Chinese restaurants with 3.5 Yelp stars. No more. No less. Exactly 3.5.

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Fine, since this is my all time favorite hole in the wall in Chinatown and it is by chance 3.5 stars…

Now, I can be seduced by San Tung’s wings though… (4 stars)

NEW WOEY LOY GOEY RESTAURANT - Chinese - 726 Photos & 337 Reviews - 699 Jackson St, San Francisco, CA - Restaurant Reviews - Phone Number - Menu - Yelp

I knew it! 4 stars = garbage.


This dude tested out the “Yelp 3.5 stars” theory:

Checking in from Johor Bahru…

While a decent hypothesis (not a full blown theory), here are my issues still:

  1. extremely small sample size
  2. come on, orange chicken??? WTF???
  3. Not to be racist, but I prefer to go with a Chinese person’s review.
  4. While Yelp has its share of fake or tainted reviews, I don’t understand how a 4 score would still not pan out to be better in reality than a 3.5. It’s not a perfect score and reflects perhaps a demerit for say service too.

I haven’t had time to download some pics of food we had here but it has been phenomenal!!! My bro-inlaw’s wife who is Singaporian says flat out there is no comparison, Malaysian food is better than in Singapore.


Ask her for a few examples. Malaysia has good ipoh horfun, satay, nasa lemak, chengdo and ice kachang. Other than that, many dishes are cooked differently, depends on tastes. Is she a Malaysian turned Singaporean?

Btw, is she talking about hawker’s centre food? Singapore has many restaurants, from hawker’s centre to Michelle restaurants. The variety and price range of food in Singapore easily trump that of Malaysia.

Having said that, many Singaporeans like to go to JB for seafood because is dirt cheap :slight_smile: and also other social activities :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Verify that she is not rationalizing her frequent JB visits.

I think we can all agree Malaysia has 10x better food than Texas.